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Nic submitted:  What’s the song playng during the British drama preview?  It’s beautiful.  That’s got to be Eddie’s hand at the end :)

The song is Shelter by Birdy (originally by XX). I think you are right about the ending! :)

Anonymous asked:

Hiya Kate! Just to let you know that the 22nd April Birdsong date is probably for when PBS will get around to showing it. The chances are that the UK BBC will show it in the next month or so. In fact my money's on it being on Sunday nights at 9, possibly starting when Sherlock 2 has finished (that's on the next 3 Sunday nights at 9). I could be completely wrong here, but I'll certainly be surprised if it's not aired by the end of February. And enjoy Richard II! I loved it.

That would be great! The sooner the better. I have the BBC channel so hopefully I will be able to watch it before April too!