Quote IconMichael has had such an astounding 10 years. I saw all his plays here so I did not want to let the side down. I wouldn’t have had the balls but Michael had such faith in me to play the part.
Eddie Redmayne paying tribute to Michael Grandage after opening night of his last show at the Donmar
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Richard II – review


Michael Grandage ends his dazzling tenure at the Donmar with a Richard II that has many virtues: clarity, speed, superb set and sound design.

But the big question is whether Eddie Redmayne, currently hot in movies but inexperienced in Shakespeare, is ready for the title role. My feeling is that he has the temperament but not yet the technique to play the king.

It is clear from the opening that Redmayne’s Richard is a man encased in ritual: he sits silently on the throne in an incense-filled chamber as the audience assembles, loftily accepts courtly obeisance and clutches a sceptre as proof of his divine right.

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